Christian Faith Moravian Church 
805 E. Holum St.
DeForest, Wisconsin 53532
(608) 846-5876

In essentials, unity;
in non-essentials, liberty;
in all things love.

Board of Elders

Board of Trustees

Pastor Jason Andersen, Chair Peggy Landgraf, Chair (2017-2018)
Marty Karow, Vice Chair (2016-2017) John Scepanski, Vice Chair (2017-2018)
Shirley Block, Secretary (2017-2018) Anna Mayr, Secretary (2017-2018)
Dorothy Hatfield (2017-2018) Doug Block (2016-2017)
Cheryl Mayr (2017-2018) Jerry Mayr (2016-2017)
Lisa Quam (2016-2017) Bob Sobek (2016-2017)
Jill Stephens (2016-2017)
Worship Service
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