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In essentials, unity;
in non-essentials, liberty;
in all things love.

Nursery Ministry Care Schedule

Date Servant Servant [adult if with youth] Notes
Nursery Guidelines:
1. Nursery is to be provided from the end of the children’s message to the end of worship (or to the start of communion) which should be about 30 minutes of time at the most.
2. Ages to be in the nursery are to be newborn through kindergarten.
3. Clean up the area when you are done. Have the children help clean up.
4. Youth who are serving our children must be in high school or have successfully completed a childcare/babysitting course.
5. There is to be two workers in the nursery at all times – one being an adult.
6. Nursery workers are to remain with the children until reconnected to the parent or guardian.
7. If you are scheduled for serving in the nursery and cannot make it please:
   A. Contact one of the other people on the list and coordinate a switch with you.
   B. Contact Pastor Kurt to let him know of the switch and/or you cannot make it to serve.
8. If you are ill, please don’t work in the nursery that day. We want to minimize the transfer of illness.
Worship Service
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