Christian Faith Moravian Church 
805 E. Holum St.
DeForest, Wisconsin 53532
(608) 846-5876

In essentials, unity;
in non-essentials, liberty;
in all things love.
We praise and honor the Triune God
  • Sunday Worship time: 10:30 a.m.
  • Summer Worship time: 9:00 a.m. (Memorial Day through Labor Day)

  • Sunday worship for people is a time for people to connect with each other and with God. What people wear might be casual and some will get ‘dressed up’.
What is important is being here.
We use a variety of tools to help us worship in a way that is relevant for today without compromising the message of the gospel. We use hymns, praise songs, litanies, prayer, drama, vocal and bell choirs, children’s messages – all are examples of what might be included to guide worship. Messages are biblically centered and relevant for your faith practice in today’s world.
Holy Communion.  
We practice an open communion meaning anyone who is a communing member in the Christian church is welcome to receive the Bread and the Cup with us. It is the Lord’s Table… not ours. Communion is offered once per month and every Sunday in Advent and Lent. Check the church calendar for scheduled dates. Communion is also available by request. After worship is a fellowship time for everyone to have coffee/juice and a snack as we connect with one another.
Special Worship opportunities during the year.
  • Advent Choral Worship – Some might say “cantata”. Through music and narration this worship will help get your heart ready for Christmas.
  • Christmas Eve – Music and candlelight help draw your attention to the wonder of the Christ child’s birth. We use a beeswax candle that is yours to take with you at the end of worship.
  • Maundy Thursday – Through the reading of the events of Jesus day leading up to his arrest, we recall the last supper and the institution of Holy Communion.
  • Good Friday – A dramatic reading of the events of Jesus’ trial and crucifixion. As the worship progresses we diminish the lights to capture to darkness of the events.
  • Easter at sunrise – As the women and disciples rose at dawn to go to Jesus tomb, we too arrive at church before dawn. Worship concludes after we travel to the cemetery as the sun rises to celebrate Christ’s resurrection and victory over death!
  • Moravian Lovefeast – A practice originating with Jesus and the disciples when they shared food and faith and embraced by the Moravian denomination as a way to celebrate being the Body of Christ. A beverage (coffee or juice) and a cookie/roll are provided for everyone toward the end of worship with the invitation to eat, drink and share conversation with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s a little more intentional than our regular fellowship after worship. ?????
Worship Service
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